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Sewer Rate Adjustment

Utility bills mailed in July will reflect a planned increase (2022) in wastewater charges effective June 15. The minimum bill will increase $2.70.  Bills mailed in August will include a water consumption rate adjustment for customers using more than 5,000 gallons per month. A rate review indicated the highest volume rate tiers were insufficient to cover system costs. The adjustment will primarily affect residential irrigation and commercial customers. 

July 15 Water Rate

Following a rate study in 2022, there was a recommendation to adjust water fees for the highest volume rate tiers, to cover rising costs of distribution at those consumption levels. Most customers (72%) use less than 5,000 gallons per month and will have no change to their water fees. The new rate will be effective for August 15 meter reads, which is due September 17. 
Proposed Rates and Charges

Pay My Bill Online

Online options make paying your bill even easier. Auto-pay, and pay-by-text can be used with credit and debit card transactions.
You may also pay by phone: (844) 798-0498.  There is a convenience fee for all electronic payment options. 

Utility Bills by Email

Register for E-mail bills delivered to your inbox!      https://bgutilities.authoritypay.com.   You will need the account number and CID number from your most recent utility bill to create a customer account and request email delivery option, check your balance and review recent water consumption.  If you sign up before the 15th, your next bill can be delivered electronically. 

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August 18, 2023

Remember to contact 811 Indiana Underground prior to any fencing or landscaping projects. Even contractors have a bad day occasionally, damaging water lines as they work. If this happens in your neighborhood, call the Utility Office immediately 765-567-2603. The water superintendent will provide instructions to you and the contractor for appropriate actions based on the situation. This avoids fines for tampering with components of the water system without permission. 

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Are You Prepared for Any Situation?

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